HDB Fitment Guide

This is meant to be a walk through of the order page for handguards to assist in explaining the options while putting together your order.

Choose your Top Clamp

With HDB handguards we begin by replacing your stock handlebar top clamps with a one piece HDB Modular Top Clamp.

There are 5 sizes to choose from, 90, 96, 98, 100 and 106mm.

Carefully measure your handlebar top clamp bolt pattern, and then choose a top clamp from the list.

Our top clamps only support 1 1/8" bars, that is the diameter at the clamping surfaces where the top clamp mounts, not to be confused with the grips and control clamping diameter, that will be 7/8".

Choose from Threaded inserts or Big Bolts.

Now we're going to choose how we bolt the bar ends of the guards to the bars.

HDB was the first handguard's on the market to ship every set of guards with a Tap and Threaded Inserts, we have now stepped it up with the choice of Big Bolts. We recommend them, they replace the threaded inserts, are bombproof, easily tightened beyond what is possible with a small M8 bolt and near impossible to strip.


Let's talk about your bars for a moment, tapping the bars is by far the best mounting method out there, so we only support this form of mounting and supply the tap with every kit. To tap the bar ends the ID needs to be around 9/16", some bars will need to be drilled out before you can tap. HDB can do this free of charge.

Twin Wall Renthals or Steel handlebars are not supported with HDB threaded inserts or Big Bolts, upgrading to aluminum handlebars is recommended.

Are your bars on the extreme side, very high, very low or a lot of pull back on the bar bend, then you’ll be looking at doing a bit of prebending of the guards prior to installation. Specifically, Adventure bend bars are not recommended.

Woods guys, have you cut your bars down? Keep the tools out, although the HDB Guards can fit many bar bends without any modification, if you've cut your bars down too narrow, you might need to drill a new inboard mounting hole to attach to the swivel bosses.

Lower Clamps

Need lower clamps for the Fat Bars, need some risers or just want the lowers to match the Top Clamp, choose here.

Lower Clamps are measured from the upper triple clamp mounting surfaces to the bars centerline and come in heights of 1 3/4", 2 1/8" and 2 1/2" tall.

They all have a 5mm offset for 2 positions, forward and rearward.

Another option for raising the bars are our Fat Bar Risers, the come in heights of 3/4" and 1 1/4".

We also have Fat Bar Adapters for one piece upper triple clamps that have cast in place lowers.

Click here to see Lower Clamps.

Display Mounts

We have mounts for most stock KTM/Husky displays, as well as Trail Tech Vapor/Striker and Voyager displays.

Click here to see Display Mounts.

Black Anodize

We currently only offer cockpit parts anodized, no longer offer the guards in black.


Now the Mirrors, they work, Period. QED. Nuff Said!

Click here for Mirror features.

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