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HDB NexGen™ Handguards

HDB NexGen™ HandguardsHDB NexGen™ Handguards

HDB NexGen™ Handguards

Introducing our no hassle, easy bolt-on hand guard.

Please Note: Twin Wall or Steel handlebars are not supported with HDB threaded inserts, upgrading to aluminum handlebars is recommended.

Set Includes:

2 HDB NexGen™ Handguards,

1 Pair of 3D Bar Clamps,

1 Pair of Plastic Shields,

2 Threaded Inserts w/Tap,

All Mounting Hardware

Click here for NexGen Install PDF



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Pre-Tapped w/Threaded Inserts installed. Please note Twin wall and Steel handlebars are not supported w/threaded inserts

Mirrors $25ea, Replacement Mirrors, $30ea.

Year, Make, Model, Aftermarket Triples, etc. Please note, Twin wall and steel bars are not supported.

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