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HDB KTM Rallye Lite

HDB KTM Rallye LiteHDB KTM Rallye Lite

HDB KTM Rallye Lite

We are proud to introduce our Rallye Lite System.

The KTM Rallye Lite comes with an integrated adjustable Scott's damper mount, your choice of Top Clamp and Lower Clamps.

Designed for 2 Baja Designs Squadron LED race lights and optional HDB Rallye Lite fairing and F2R or MD roadbooks readers.

Set includes:

Standard HDB SX Top Clamp,

Adjustable Scott's SubMt Assembly,

2 KTM Lower Handlebar Clamps,

2 Universal Side & Sub Plates,

"P" Clamps and "P" Clamp Mount,

Lower Triple Clamp Mount,

Roadbook Mount,

All Mounting Hardware.

Please Note: Black Anodized Only.

Please Note: Requires Matching Top Clamp for M10 bolts.

Please Note: Supports Only the forward most handlebar position on KTM 4 bolt upper triples.

Please Note: Scott's damper, chassis mount, Lights or Roadbook holders not included.



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SX Top Clamp

SXdx Top Clamp - Add $7.50

ADV Top Clamp, Fat Bars Only - Add $15.00

ADVdx Top Clamp, Fat Bars Only - Add $25.00

KTM Scott's SubMt Plate adds 5/8", so please add that to the lowers to get the overall height to the centerline of the handlebars.

KTM Lower Clamp (1 3/4").

KTM Lower Clamp Medium (2 1/8").

KTM Lower Clamp (2 1/2").

KTM Lower Clamp (3"). - Add $10.00


White - Add $100.00

Orange - Add $100.00

Black - Add $100.00


Add BD Squadron Mounting Kit - Add $10.00

Add ADV Monster LED Mounting Kit - Add $30.00

Add Handguards and Mirrors, leave a note at checkout for shield color. Unfortunately we no longer offer black anodize for the actual aluminum guards.

  Black Anodized Aluminum

Year, Make, Model, Aftermarket Triples, etc. Please note, Twin wall and steel bars are not supported.

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