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KTM Adjustable Scott's SubMt

KTM Adjustable Scott's SubMt

KTM Adjustable Scott's SubMt

Uses all 4 M10 mounting bolts for the triple.

Adjustable for all stock 4 bolt KTM triple clamps.

Strong as can be. Your Choice of rise in lowers.

Please Note: Requires Matching Top Clamp for M10 bolts.

Please Note: Supports Only the forward most handlebar position.

Please Note: Scott's damper and chassis mount not included.

See larger animation.



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SX Top Clamp - Add $50.00

SXdx Top Clamp - Add $55.00

ADV Top Clamp, Fat Bars Only - Add $65.00

ADVdx Top Clamp, Fat Bars Only - Add $75.00

KTM Scott's SubMt Plate adds 5/8", so please add that to the lowers to get the overall height to the centerline of the handlebars.

KTM Lower Clamp (1 3/4").

KTM Lower Clamp Medium (2 1/8").

KTM Lower Clamp (2 1/2"). - Add $4.00

KTM Lower Clamp (3"). - Add $8.00


Ultimate Handguards - Add $100.00

  Black Anodized Aluminum<