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Help, Ultimate Handguards™

HDB Fitment Guide Ultimate Handguard™:

This is meant to be a walk through of the order page for handguards to assist in explaining the options while putting together your order.

To begin with you'll need aluminum handlebars, our threaded inserts are the best, most secure way of attaching the handguards to the bar ends, we support no other way. If your bars are steel, you will need to upgrade to aluminum bars.

With the HDB Ultimate Handguard system we begin by replacing your stock handlebar top clamps with an HDB Billet Top Clamp. There are 4 versions to choose from, SX, SXdx, ADV and ADVdx.

SX Top Clamp

The SX Top Clamp is for those that want just a simple very strong clamp with no mounting holes to deal with, but is also for those that would like a blank canvas in which to customize for mounts of any kind.

This is the standard clamp that is shipped with the handguards if you don’t upgrade the top clamp. They are available for both 7/8” and 1 1/8” handlebars.