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HDB Turn Signals,

The scoop on the turn signals, the fronts are $ 40, we'll need to know what color shields to put them in and the billet rears are $ 65.

If you don't have an LED flasher, most likely you'll need one and they're on the site for $ 15.

Please note that a mixed system of LED and incandescent typically don't work well together. As you know you can't order them on the site, so let us know and we'll get you an invoice.

KTM and a few other models have a few specific issues with LED turn signals too, you'll need to pull the indicator bulb, wire in diodes or use inline LED load resistors because of the way it's wired to keep both sides of the signals from flashing all at once or flashing too fast.

Currently we are re-evaluating these as a product due to the logistics of getting them made.

We are completely out of Front Turn Signals that are mounted in the handguard shields

We have some Billet Rear Turn Signals, but once we sellout whether or not we make another batch is unknown at this time.

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