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Rallye Lite Pro™:

With the Rallye Lite Pro™ system we will be replacing all stock components from the upper triple clamp up.

The build up begins with the Tower Mount, HDB Lower handlebar clamps your choice of heights and then HDB Top Clamps.

Tower Mount.

Tower Mounts come in 4 widths for matching the upper triple lower handlebar clamp mounting holes. 90mm, 96mm, 100mm and 106mm.

Tower Mount thicknesses.

KTM 90mm, add .625", 96mm, 100mm and 106mm, add 1.000",

HDB Lower Clamps.

Then the HDB 1 1/8"Lower Clamps.

Shown are the available heights, when stacked on top of the Tower Mount the finished height of the centerline of the handlebars will be the lower clamp height added to the Tower mount thickness.