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We now have several Rallye Lite kits to choose from,

Rallye Lite Pro™

The Rallye Lite Pro™ is a very rugged overbuilt rallye lite tower.

The tower attaches to the upper and lower triple clamp and is completely made of 6061-T6 and anodized aluminum.

Currently all Rallye Lite kits support Baja Designs Squadron Pro and Squadron Lite LED race lights and for those on a budget ADV Monster LED lights.

Rallye Lite HDPE

Rallye Lite Al

The difference between the Rallye Lite Pro™ and the Rallye Lite HDPE & Al versions is the later kits do not attach to the lower triple clamp.

This greatly simplifies the install and applications.

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Rallye Lite DS

The only difference between the Rallye Lite HDPE and Rallye Lite DS is the later kit does not include the road book holder mount.

Frame Mounted Rallye Lite

The Frame Mounted Rallye Lite is a unique and flexible system that mounts to the steering stem portion of the frame.

Starts with a frame mount that bolts to the frame with 3 M8 bolts through to a backing plate inside the steering stem.

All side plates are made from HDPE, a rugged material highly resistant to bending and breaking, perfect for a durable reliable navigation tower

Fork Mounted Fairing