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Help, NexGen™ Handguards

HDB NexGen™ Handguard

The NexGen™ Handguards are our universal fit versions, they come in 2 sizes, for 7/8" handlebars and 1 1/8" tapered handlebars.

7/8" handlebars are 7/8" all along their length and typically have a cross bar. If your cross bar is welded to the 7/8" section or your bars are magnetic you have steel bars and they will need to be upgraded, see below.

1 1/8" tapered handlebars or fat bars taper from 1 1/8" where they bolt to the motorcycle at the handlebar clamps to 7/8" at the grips and controls. All known fat bars are aluminum.

To begin with you'll need aluminum handlebars, our threaded inserts are the best, most secure way of attaching the handguards to the bar ends, we support no other way. If your bars are steel, you will need to upgrade to aluminum bars.


Choose the color.

Black, White, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow or Blue.


If you’re interested in new bars or upgrading to Fat Bars (1 1/8” Dia.), they’re next. We pretap the bar ends and install the threaded inserts for you.

Click here for Handlebar Specs

If your bars are steel, upon request we can order ProTaper SE 7/8" bars, tap them and install the inserts for you.

Black Anodize

Unfortunately we no longer offer the guards with black anodize, please see the order page for parts available with this option.


Now the Mirrors, they work, Period. QED. Nuff Said!

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