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HDB Mirrors,

Mirrors are currently available with handguard sets only.

The reason for this is to make them work right they need to be seated in a spherical cutout, the cutout mates with the boss on the mirror providing necessary surface area contact that cuts down the vibration and that cutout would weaken normal guards too much and in exactly the wrong place.

They are an option on the handguard page.

Tip for Getting More Adjustment out of your Mirrors,

The movement of the mirrors are constrained only by the amount of clearance between the mounting screw and the hole that is goes through in the mirror.

Open that hole up and you will be able to obtain more rotational movement from the mirror in the handguards spherical pocket.

Broke your mirror?

Email us we'll get you setup, please have your order number, email you placed the order from or Paypal receipt ready.

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