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First Aid Kit

After years of climbing, from Canada to Patagonia, I've come up with these items that I'd rather not be without.

This kit translates well to many outdoor activities including dirt bike trips. For any single trip, add items or leave them out depending on need.

Clockwise from the top, Eagle Creek padded quarter cube w/reading glasses, baby wipes and large garbage bag, Irrigation syringe, Surgical kit, tape w/small Nalgene bottle of tincture of Benzoin, bottle of 200mg Naproxen, bottle of 200mg Ibuprofen, Roll of Gauze, lighter, Iodine tablets, Bandage kit.

Contents of Bandage kit, Gauze pads, Bandaids, AntiDiarrheal tabs, Vicodin, Razor blade, SteriStrips, Xeroform gauze, Moleskin, Temperature strip, lip balm, AntiBacterial ointment.

Contents of Surgical Kit, Various tweezers, clamps and scissors, scalpel and blades, sutures.

The Bandage kit gets double bagged squeezing as much air out as possible, pack placing breakable and sharp items in the middle protected by softer items.