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Top Clamp Wiring

Hi All, been meaning to do a little writeup just for guys to see how we do it here and this ends up being perfect timing as the kid wanted to run some BD LEDs, that meant a complete rewire of his WR400.

This is by no means the only way, but after trying to fit it as many components as possible into as small as possible an area I had to be pretty clean with the install to make it all work.

I start with super gluing the LEDs in place,

Then bunching up all the LED ground wires, here's a tip that I do all throughout wiring pretty much everything, I use the heat gun to soften all the wires/shrink tubing so that I can make it take a set when it cools, strip them all and solder to a ground bus.

Then do the same with one side of each switch, this will be our 12v bus, to keep everything neat and in place I use a twist tie, it's also important to disturb the LEDs as little as possible throughout the project.

Next is to cut and strip the accessory side of each switch and indicator LED, I cut/strip the the LED side longer for my fat fingers to grab hold of and twist around the switch side.

Then solder in the 4 12v out wires,

This is where I usually test to see where I'm at and if any of the LEDs have failed or pulled out,

With all good I shrink tube up those ends,

Start bundling for bringing the wires out together and shrink tube them together, note the set after warming up,

Prep the mesh by melting the cut ends together, something I do here is try to melt a lip so that after the shrink tube melts over it it'll make it harder to pull out,

Then use glue shrink tube for this part so the mesh stays put, also note the set in the shrink tube,

Last thing I do is pump silicone in down around as much of the wiring and LEDs as I can, this is the one place I cheat and pry the wires a little to get good penetration.

All that's left is the connector, also when everything is in place I heat up any wires/shrink tube that is in an awkward place and move it while it's warm to take a set for where it eventually will live.

Let me know if you have any questions, please keep in mind, this is just the way we've taken to doing it here.


Paul from HDB