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HDB NexGen™ Install

HDB NexGen™ Handguard Install:

Set Includes:

2 HDB NexGen™ Handguards,

1 Pair of NexGen™ 3D Bar Clamps,

1 Pair of Plastic Shields,

2 - Threaded Inserts,

1 - 5/8-11 tap,

2 - 8mm x 35mm SHCS,

2 - 8mm x 50mm BHCS w/ washers and Nylocs,

4 - 8mm x 20mm BHCS w/ washers,

2 - 8mm x 40mm FHCS,

4 - 5mm x 16mm BHCS w/ washers,

Mirrors are optional.

1. If you have grips on your bars, remove them and prep the ends for handguards by trimming the ends out of both sides and also the throttle tube. This needs to be done to ensure metal to metal contact of the handguards and handle bars

2. Tap the handlebar ends for threaded inserts, using a 11mm 12 point socket for the squareend of the tap and WD-40 or equivalent for a lubricant, run the tap in to the end of the threads. For best results keep the centerlines of the tap and the bars aligned, turn the tap one revolution clockwise before turning at least one revolution counterclockwise to break the chip, if the taps binds, back it out and blow out the shavings and continue.

3. Use blue Loctite to glue in the inserts.

4. Install the threaded the inserts. When installed correctly the inserts should be completely inside and to a depth of 1/32 beyond the end of the bars. When the guards are bolted up, they should tighten to the bars and not the inserts.

The NexGen clamps.

Place the clamps before the bend in the bars.

5. Loosely bolt them together using the M8 x 35mm SHCS and M8 x 50mm BHCS.

6. Tighten the front M8 x 50mm BHCS first. You want to tighten it so it’s just snug or finger-tight to allow for adjustment.

7. Then tighten the rider side M8 x SHCS in the same manner.

The clamps provide a lot of adjustment for many different bar bends.

8. Loosely attach the guards to the clamp with the M8 x 20mm BHCS.

Front view of the bolt attaching the guard to the clamp.

9. Loosely tighten the M8 x 40mm FHCS to the bar end.

10. Attach the second M8 x 20mm BHCS to the clamp. Tighten both bolts to their final position.

11. This is an important step in the install, tighten the front M8 x 50mm BHCS to its final position, this should make full contact with the ball and socket on the clamp surfaces. Loosen the rider side SHCS if necessary to achieve this.

12. Tighten the rider side M8 x 35mm SHCS to its final position. This should fix both the ball side of the clamp as well as the clamp on the handlebars, if something can still move, repeat step 11.

13. Use the M8 Nyloc and washer to cinch the clamp.

14. Tighten the bar end to its final position.

15. Attach Shields using the M5 x 16mm BHCS and washers. For best results, get both screws started before tightening.

16. Check and tighten all bolts.

Attach optional Mirrors if included using the M5 x 25mm SHCS, Nyloc nut and washer. For best results, tighten the mirrors M5 SHCS, then place the shield on the threads extending from the guards and get shields other BHCS started before tightening.

If more adjustment is desired from the mirrors it is possible to drill out the mounting hole the M5 SHCS goes through to allow more movement in the mirror to handguard joint.


Megan from HDB